About the Film

On a lonely stretch of Texas highway, a rusty billboard declares "Dell City — The Valley of Hidden Waters". Once a thriving town of several thousand, Dell City is down to a few hundred stubborn souls committed to life in a tough desert oasis.

Taking an original approach to documentary filmmaking, Josh Carter travels to Dell City and asks people what they would film there. He then helps some of the residents make their ideas into short films. Surprising and heartfelt, these shorts take on everyday subjects in Dell City that are full of personal meaning for each filmmaker. They reveal life in Dell City as pictured by those who know it best.

Like much of rural America, Dell City has experienced a long, slow decline that continues unabated. TALES FROM DELL CITY, TEXAS paints a complex and charming portrait of the people who remain in Dell City. Mostly at ease in their choice to live in such a remote and challenging environment, they face an uncertain future with humor and determination.

About the Filmmaker

Josh Carter grew up in Houston, Texas, and attended Princeton University. He has worked as a writer, photographer, installation artist and filmmaker. He produced and directed the concert film Time's Up: Psychic TV at the Royal Festival Hall, and has edited many films, videos, and commercials. He currently works as a producer on the daytime talk show Rachael Ray. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife, Susan Jarrell, and their four sons.